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Colorado Home Improvement Testimonials


Diane has such astute listening skills. Her ability to listen, visualize and draft ideas is an incredible talent. She has designed beautiful, functional studio space for me, as well as an addition to our 100+ year old house. The historic integrity of our home remains, with increased function and beauty.


Kim P.

Diane Lohman Cabin Design

Diane has designed several projects for us and we love working with her. My husband and I are both designers and were very involved throughout every stage of the project. Diane accommodated our style; we developed a very creative relationship with her. She elevated our original ideas beyond what we could have imagined.  

Diane’s focus upon detail sets her apart. She gathered information about our lifestyle and the elements we wished to surround us. Positioning, views from inside and out, our movement with various spaces and the placing of our furniture were all taken into account under her discerning eye. Each square inch was carefully constructed to be beautiful and functional.

Visually, Diane’s designs are exquisite.  Her eye for beauty is balanced by a practical ability to work well with builders. Our builder greatly enjoyed working with her, as her significant experiences from other projects informs her designs.

Diane’s amazing talent for sketching could provide a beautiful view of a proposed idea within minutes.  This rare ability helped us hone in on the key parts of our design, affirming that they would be as beautiful as we envisioned.

Jan C. 

Diane is a great listener, a talent that converted our conversation from concept to reality. She has a fantastic ability to blend various architectural styles into a personal design


Bryan S.

Diane Lohman Interior Design

Diane designed our dream home, and we moved in during May 2019.  She was so easy to work with and she listened carefully to our hopes and dreams for this long-awaited new home.


We communicated extensively during the design, via emails, telephone, and in personal meetings. Diane was very flexible in accommodating our preferences and budget.


Once our house was under construction, she offered great advice about colors for paint, granite, and tile, bringing it all together beautifully. The custom home builders worked happily with Diane.


We’re so happy living in our new home, which is very comfortable and energy efficient. It easily accommodates our hobbies and interests and even a new home based business which was not imagined during the design. Additionally, guests of various ages are easily accommodated.


I highly recommend Diane to design your new home or help you renovate an existing property. 



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